Country of focus China

2. China is on the Asian continent.

3. The capital city of China is Beijing.

4. China is in the Northern Hemisphere.

5. The population of China is 1 Billion and 4 million people, that is a LOT, and that’s about 18 percent of the whole worlds population!

6. The official national language of China is Mandarin and the other languages that are spoken are Cantonese, Shanghainese and Fuzhou.

7.The currency of China is Yuan; one yuan equals to 20c in Australian money.

8.Lots of International Chinese students in high school and university come to Australia to study.

9. Many years ago the Chinese government had a rule that Chinese people could only have 1 kid to prevent over population and now they can only have 2 kids.

10. 3 countries that share a border with China are: Mongolia which is to the north of China. India is to the south west of China. Vietnam is to the south of China.

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